6 Week individualised program

Tailored specifically to your needs.

This program will begin with a series of strength tests.

We will then work through a 6 week progressive conjugate program developing your strength and power within multiple compound lifts. These programs will also include supplement exercises, which we will use to develop strength and build on your weaknesses within specific areas of the lifts.

The 6 week program will finish with a second series of strength tests, this is where we will notice the improvements we have made.

There will be plenty of variety throughout this program, ensuring it never becomes boring. The 3 sessions prescribed will be very taxing on the body, so it is important we use the rest days to recover and don’t do any extras, to ensure we get the adaptations we are looking for.

These programs can be for anybody. Male or female, beginner or pro, as whatever level you are at, these programs will be made specifically for you and will ensure you make improvements in the area you wish.

Whilst you partake in this program, you are free to contact me at any point with any questions or advice, to do with your program.

Price – £35